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Brighten Your Smile With Tooth Whitening

Plagued with a bad smile?


This happens to nearly everybody eventually, and it’s no fault of yours. Frequent consumption of wine, low and even foods like condiment will gradually discolor your smile to a less sparkling shade. Smoking cigarettes may also stain the outer layer of your teeth. Here is the good news though! Here, at TUTH Dental Katy, we know that a white smile builds confidence and self-esteem so it truly causes you to smile more – what a beautiful cycle!

It’s for this reason that we provide progressive dentistry treatments in teeth whitening. Cosmetic dental whitening procedures will give you with a bright, white smile in nearly no time at all. Contact us or schedule a free consultation to learn about your cosmetic whitening options.


We would love to see your smile in our Katy TX office!

White and Yellow teeth

In-Office Teeth Whitening:

In-Office teeth whitening, also known as chair-side whitening, at our Katy Texas location, is the safest and most popular system to whiten your teeth. This cosmetic dentistry procedure utilizes a light-activated, powerful bleaching gel which can be easily applied in our office. The results are immediate and stunning and the treatment is painless even to the most sensitive teeth. No other cosmetic bleaching procedure produces faster results!


At-Home Kits:

Take control of your smile and perform your own cosmetic dentistry at home with our teeth whitening kits! These products have grown in popularity in recent years for their comfort and simplicity. Like in-office whitening, these kits utilize a fast-acting bleaching gel. If you are interested in at-home teeth whitening, we will make a customized bleach tray in our office. Once this is made, you can whiten your smile as often as necessary with the same quality bleaching products used by our professionals. With treatment options ranging from in-office cosmetic dentistry to at home whitening kits, there is a whitening solution for every lifestyle. We welcome you to make an appointment at TUTH Dental to learn about your teeth whitening options, and to make sure the rest of your oral health is in check.

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