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General Family Dentistry

As your Katy general dental practice, we are here to offer you a lighthearted, gentle and energetic approach to every treatment. Each of our team members are passionate about utilizing enhanced dental treatments to better your life and we are receptive to listening to your every question or need. As your dentist, we are commited to doing all we can to help you maintain a beautiful smile and achieve optimal oral health.

Individualized Dental Care

At TUTH Dental Katy, you can expect the care you receive to be individualized at all times. We are always committed to you and your needs. Our team members are devoted in delivering the best gentle dental care or experience in Katy, TX. 


The Best Dentist In Katy Texas

Whether you need a routine improvement, crown or filling, TUTH Dental will find an answer for your dental desires with upbeat, passionate service. Our dentist makes a true connections with every one of our patients, so he or she can feel comfortable in our care. Our Katy, TX clinic is equipped with progressive digital technology, you can rest assured that you’re being treated with the best instrumentation and technics. Take the fear or concerns out of visiting the dentist. Call us today or book a consultation. Our comprehensive list of general dentistry services is shown below. If there is a need for a specialist we can help referring you to a trustworthy specialist in Katy, TX Katy area.

Our General Dentistry Services Include:

Comprehensive Exams



Crowns and Bridges

Scaling and Root Planing

Digital X-rays



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