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Here at TUTH Dental Katy, we are committed to providing you with progressive solutions to all your dental needs. This includes cosmetic dentistry treatments to ensure that your smile is looking its very best! An ideal smile is formed of teeth that appear to be uniform in shape and color. If you have teeth that are irregular from decay or wear, then cosmetic porcelain veneers could be the perfect solution for you! Ask Dr. Taline during your next appointment about our treatments in cosmetic dentistry.


What’s the difference between Full and Partial Dentures?

Full or, “complete” dentures are used to restore your smile when all teeth are missing. Complete dentures can be placed immediately after the removal of existing teeth as a temporary solution and aid in the healing process. A more permanent or, “conventional” cosmetic denture is ready for wear in 8-12 weeks, or when the gums are fully healed. Partial dentures, or dental bridges, are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Replacement teeth are affixed to a synthetic gum or colored plastic base and are held in place by a connecting framework to surrounding teeth. A similar timeline for healing is needed for this cosmetic denture when teeth are removed.


Why are Dentures important?

So what are the many benefits of dentures? We’re glad you asked. Cosmetic dentures occupy the space in your mouth that once held your natural teeth, so they are highly effective for keeping your facial muscles from sagging and can help to maintain a normal look in your cheeks and jaw. They also allow you to speak more clearly than you would with missing or no teeth. Dentures can also greatly facilitate chewing and can allow you to continue to eat your favorite foods!


Get a fresh start with a brand new smile today! At TUTH Dental Katy, our cosmetic dentures are affordable, natural looking, comfortable and easy to care for. If properly maintained they have the potential to fix your smile permanently. Contact our dentist today to learn more about getting a new set of full or partial dentures.

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